Personal journal app cli with encrypted authentication

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Personal journal cli app It is a terminal application to store personal journal log with user management, to be run locally and not on cloud. For simplicity considering we could enter only textual content in journal data.



  1. User Management: On starting the application the user is presented with either Login or Sign Up options.
  2. Journal Management: After authentication, the user is presented with two options to either list all his previous entries or create a new entry. Maximum 50 Journal entries is allowed per user. Newer entry after 50 replace the oldest entry(like a queue).
  3. While showing previous entries each entry is preceded by time in readable format and data followed by the text input Eg. 25 Jun 2019 10.30pm - Some text that the user entered 23 Jun 2019 10.00am - Some text that user entered

Installation (Using npm registries)

There are two ways to install the cli (Do any one)

How to run this project (if you want to code/debug)

What the system does

  1. Allows login/signup using command line
  2. List/Create journals for authorized users

The system encrypts username/passwords and journals so that these are not visible by anyone just crawling through the repo. Your journals are secure with us.

Two types of encryption is done in this project

  1. bcrypt - hashing using salt - used to encrypt username/password
  2. crypto - aes-256-ctr - used to encrypt/decrypt journals

Code for these encryption/decryption can be found in utils/hash.ts


This package uses github actions to publish to both npm as well as github registries Check .github/workflows/npm-publish.yml file for more details